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Pastors Richard & Lisa Rodriguez


Senior Pastors

Pastors Richard & Lisa Rodriguez are the Senior Pastors of Christian Life Center in Humble, Texas, one of the fastest growing churches in America. For nearly two decades Pastor Rodriguez has been recognized for the strong prophetic anointing upon his ministry and his practical way of teaching. His teachings have reached millions both nationally and internationally. He has recently written a book entitled “Prophecy”; which gives a deep and better understanding of the prophetic movement in this day.

             Pastors Richard  and Lisa have been married for over

30 years. They have four children, two boys and two girls.  Richard, Erin, Joshua and Ashton .  All of their children have graduated from Christian Life Center Academy. 

Pastors Rob & Monica Reynosa


Associate  Pastors

Pastors Robert and Monica Reynosa are the Senior Associate Pastors of CLC. Both of them began attending the church as teenagers and are now parents of three children (Percefoni Jewel, Zoe Grace and Benjamin Blu) who are being raised in church. They not only have a heart for God, but a heart for the church and its pastor and are helping church members to have a deeper understanding of the need to honor the head of the church.  

             They are currently the directors of Campus Ministry; A ministry of the church that reaches out to local schools. Through a bible club, Pastor Rob speaks to over 200 students every week. Their lives are dedicated to seeing believers empowered through the gospel . Pastor Robert Reynosa’s calling into ministry was confirmed by Pastor Rodriguez and he has become an ordained minister through Christian Life Center.

Pastors Luis & Nelda Cedeno


Spanish Pastors

Pastors Steve & Tracy Elizalde

Youth Pastors

Pastors JC & Erica Alvarez

Children’s   Pastors

Reach the Lost and Disciple the Saved.